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„Conversion“ is the transformation of former military used ressources in civil used areas.

With the structural concept of German Armed Forces many military bases are closed gradually. Decades of close partnership between military and municipalities will be end. As result the regions and municipalities lost a significant economic factor. It has to compensate by civil using of these areas.

Former military used properties holds a lot of conflicts, but as well there is high value creation potential. Only conversion by experts leads to job creating and profitable investments. Therefore you need a close partnership between municipality, army and federal utilisation societies.

Municipalities can be very relieve by use of funding programs, combine different subsidies and federal investment models.

As specialised company for conversion and revitalization GKU Standortentwicklung GmbH practise innovative, cost-effective procedures for subsequent use of military properties.

We offer you as member of registered association "Competence Center for conversion and munition disposal (KOMZET)":

  • conversion conceptions,
  • project development and investor search,
  • integrated conversion planning (utilisation plan, infrastructural development plan, land-use plan),
  • cost minimisation by funding and burden sharing,
  • action programs for civil subsequent use,
  • conversion management for relief municipalities and steering the conversion process,
  • organisation of partnerships and ensure the development goals.

As partner of local authorities, property owners and investors GKU initiate projects for land revitalization since years. As result there are redeveloped and infrastructural developed settlement areas as well as unencumberanced natural space.