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Philosophy of value reactivation

Investors avoid like fallow properties, because they can contains risks.   The basic structure of the buildings is damaged, infrastructure systems are worn and munition residuals endanger life and health. The soil, as the case may be buildings and ground water are contaminated.

However, this site potential has to be reused, because these locations are often competitive.

Initial difficulties for investors have to be reduced. Utilisable units have to be created with small
  Sensitive conceptions and selective modifications in the property will produce:
  • cost reduction
  • creation of utilisable units
  • usage of subsidies
  • decrease of contamination risks
  • cost-efficient removal
  • optimal project planning
  • low-cost redevelopment

The use of different support programmes can cause significant price reductions for investment projects and for sales-promotional activities in individual project phases.

We do perform permanent researches on funding programmes and the appropriate application management.

Investments on fallow land need to be prepared carefully!   The concept of property preparation and investment is structured by GKU Standortentwicklung GmbH by viewpoints of funding programmes.

We know the way and have the experiences.
We enable investments on fallow properties.
We use all possibilities for funding and investment costs reduction.
We calculate before we act.

Economic partnerships between property owners and investors start to grow.